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Freedom of Expression and the Public's Right to Know

Genuine democracy, advancement of knowledge, individual self-development, and social justice depend on a society in which freedom of expression and the right to know are a reality for everyone. The Centre for Free Expression works to advance these rights though public education, advocacy, law reform, research, advisory services, policy analysis, assistance to courts, and organizational collaborations.

The Latest

News January 22, 2024

CFE & CFLA/FCAB Announce Partnership in Library Challenges Database

The Centre for Free Expression (CFE) and the Canadian Federation of Library Associations-Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB) announce their partnership in a single, joint database of challenges to Canadian library materials, programs, displays, and room rentals. The Library Challenges Database is being hosted by the CFE and resides on its website.