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CFE Initiative

Improving Access to Information

The public’s right to information in Canada is governed by an inadequate collection of federal and provincial laws. The Centre for Free Expression, through public education, policy analysis, advocacy, and legal challenges, is promoting law reform and better administrative practices to ensure greater government transparency and public access to information. CFE has created a network of national and regional organizations to work together in advancing public access rights in Canada.

CFE Events and Videos on Access to Information
The public’s right to information in Canada is limited in many ways. CFE panels and conversations explore these restrictions and what can be done to give Canadians better access to information important in a democratic society.
CFE Commentaries on Access to Information
CFE Commentaries examine the reality of transparency and the public’s right to information in Canada, including the law, jurisprudence, and practices of public institutions.
CFE Court Submissions on Access to Information
CFE has been granted permission by courts to be an intervener in cases dealing the public right to access information. Each factum provides the position CFE shared with each court.
Code of Silence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Government Secrecy
Right to Information Alliance Canada (RTIAC)
The Right to Information Alliance Canada (RTIAC) is network of organizations brought together by CFE and dedicated to helping advocate for a stronger public right to information and greater government and corporate openness and transparency.
It’s Time for Change! 206 Recommendations for Reforms to Canada’s Access to Information Act
By Stanley L. Tromp
Canada’s Access to Information Law Falls Short of International Best Practices
By Max Binks-Collier

This CFE Publication examines other countries’ ATI laws to identify provisions of them that could serve as models for improving Canada’s legislation.
CFE Submission to the Federal Government's Access to Information Act Review
July 26, 2021
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