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Database August 1, 2022

Base de données des contestations de la bibliothèque

La base de données des contestations de la bibliothèque du CFE contient les contestations auxquels les bibliothèques ont été confrontées concernant des articles de leur collection, leurs affiches, leurs programmes, l’utilisation de leurs locaux et leur accès informatique.
Database June 14, 2022

Library Challenges Database

The CFE Library Challenges Database provides access to challenges libraries have faced to items in their collection, and to displays, programs, room usage, and computer access. For each challenge, the database provides information about the challenge, including (1) the item, the nature of the objection, and the requested remedy; (2) (where available) the record of the review of the challenged item undertaken by the library; (3) the library's response.
Database April 15, 2019

Freedom of Expression @Work

The Freedom of Expression @Work Database contains legal decisions regarding dismissals and discipline of employees for use of social media in the workplace and outside of work. It is fully searchable by Case Name, Year, Media Platform, Jurisdiction, Offence, Issue, Key Words (Terminology), and well as the nature of the outcome (Judgment). A free word search is also possible by entering the word(s) in the "Search" box.