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Policy Submissions

Policy Submission March 27, 2024

Briefing Note Submitted to the PSDPA Review Task Force

In this submission to the Task Force reviewing the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, Canada’s whistleblower protection legislation, the Centre for Free Expression puts forward a small number of changes to the legislation that are essential if it is to afford any real protections to those who speak out about problems and wrongdoing.  CFE points out the urgent need for change given that in the 17 years since the law came into effect, during which time more than 500 people have submitted formal complaints of reprisal, not one has received any remedy.
Policy Submission February 9, 2024

CFE Closing Submission to the Foreign Interference Commission

CFE urged the Commission to act on the testimony of expert panels and witnesses that there is an immense public interest in transparency regarding foreign interference. "The Commission cannot defer to the Government of Canada’s conclusions on what can and cannot be disclosed [but must] be prepared to seek recourse in Federal Court on an expedited basis" in the event the Government attempts to overly restrict public access to essential documents about foreign interference.
Policy Submission April 26, 2023

Mémoire du CLE au Comité permanent des opérations gouvernementales et des prévisions budgétaires de la Chambre des communes sur le projet de loi C-290, Loi modifiant la Loi sur la protection des fonctionnaires divulgateurs d'actes répréhensibles (LPFDAR).

Dans son mémoire, le CLE détaille les améliorations importantes que le projet de loi C-290 apportera à la législation fédérale actuelle sur la protection des lanceurs d’alerte, qui comporte des failles importantes. Le CLE recommande que ce projet de loi soit adopté et reçoive la sanction royale dès que possible. En même temps, le CLE indique clairement que bien que les changements apportés par le projet de loi C-290 donnent lieu à des améliorations considérables, la LPFDAR présente encore de graves lacunes et que d'autres changements sont nécessaires pour la rendre conforme aux normes internationales en matière de meilleures pratiques.
Policy Submission April 26, 2023

CFE Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates on Bill C-290, An Act to amend the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act. (PSDPA)

In its submission, CFE details the important improvements Bill C-290 will make to the current, deeply flawed, federal whistleblower protection legislation. It recommends that C-290 be passed and given royal assent as soon as possible. At the same time, CFE makes clear that, while vastly improved by C-290 changes, some serious shortcomings of the PSDPA remain and that further changes are required to bring it up to international best practice standards.