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Whistleblowers are people, often employees, who reveal information about activity within private or public organizations or institutions that they feel is illegal, immoral, illicit, unsafe, fraudulent, or otherwise harmful. Current laws and policies to protect whistleblowers in Canada are weak, if not entirely ineffective.

Award January 26, 2021

Peter Bryce Prize for Whistleblowing

The Peter Bryce Prize is awarded annually by the Centre for Free Expression to recognize and honour individuals who serve the greater good by courageously speaking up about wrongdoing or abuses of public trust in Canada or by Canadians or Canadian organizations.
News May 2, 2024

Luc Sabourin Wins the 2024 Peter H. Bryce Prize

The Centre for Free Expression (CFE) announced today that Luc Sabourin is the 2024 winner of the Peter Bryce Prize. The Prize is awarded annually to recognize and honour an individual who served the greater good by courageously speaking up about wrongdoing or abuses of public trust. 
Policy Submission March 27, 2024

Briefing Note Submitted to the PSDPA Review Task Force

In this submission to the Task Force reviewing the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, Canada’s whistleblower protection legislation, the Centre for Free Expression puts forward a small number of changes to the legislation that are essential if it is to afford any real protections to those who speak out about problems and wrongdoing.  CFE points out the urgent need for change given that in the 17 years since the law came into effect, during which time more than 500 people have submitted formal complaints of reprisal, not one has received any remedy.