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CFE Initiative

Defending Freedom of the Press

Press freedom is recognized by the Canadian Charter as a fundamental freedom. Media serve as the public’s eyes and ears, playing an essential role in helping ensure informed public discourse. The Centre for Free Expression engages in public education about the importance of press freedom and works actively to support and promote investigative journalism and a vibrant media in Canada.  

CFE Commentaries on Freedom of the Press
CFE Commentaries provide insightful analysis of press freedom and the role of journalism in today’s society
CFE Events and Videos on Freedom of the Press
Leading journalists, scholars and experts examine a wide range of issues-- from threats faced by journalists internationally to legal restriction in Canada, reporting in the “post truth” era, collapsing business model of legacy media, and much more.
Recommended Reading on Censorship
Press freedom is often challenged by those demanding press censorship. Knowing the history and effects of censorship is essential for the preservation of freedom of the press.
CFE Court Submissions on Press Freedom
CFE has been granted permission to be an intervener in cases dealing with different aspects of press freedom at the Supreme Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Our factum provides the position we shared with each court.
Chilling Free Expression in Canada: Canadian Writers' and Journalists' Views on Mass Surveillance
November 2016 - The survey of writers and journalists was undertaken by the Centre for Free Expression in The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University, in collaboration with PEN Canada and the Canadian Association of Journalists
More about Freedom of the Press
Freedom of Expression & Its Limits
Press Freedom is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 2(b) on Freedom of Expression.
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