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Freedom of Expression and the Public's Right to Know

Genuine democracy, advancement of knowledge, individual self-development, and social justice depend on a society in which freedom of expression and the right to know are a reality for everyone. The Centre for Free Expression works to advance these rights though public education, advocacy, law reform, research, advisory services, policy analysis, assistance to courts, and organizational collaborations.

The Latest

Court Submission May 2, 2024

Working Families Coalition (Canada) Inc. v. Ontario (Attorney General), SCC, Court File No. 40475

CFE Motion Record for Leave to Intervene – Supreme Court of Canada The issue in this appeal is whether Ontario Bill 307’s amendments to the Election Finances Act violate the informational element of a citizen’s right to vote under s. 3 of the Charter. Bill 307 re-enacted third-party spending limits that were declared invalid under s. 2(b) of the Charter, and invoked s. 33 to protect those spending limits from Charter review. The question in this appeal is whether limits on third party spending that are unconstitutional under s. 2(b) are also an unjustifiable violation of s. 3 which cannot be overriden by s. 33.
News May 2, 2024

Luc Sabourin Wins the 2024 Peter H. Bryce Prize

The Centre for Free Expression (CFE) announced today that Luc Sabourin is the 2024 winner of the Peter Bryce Prize. The Prize is awarded annually to recognize and honour an individual who served the greater good by courageously speaking up about wrongdoing or abuses of public trust.