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Whistleblowers are people, often employees, who reveal information about activity within private or public organizations or institutions that they feel is illegal, immoral, illicit, unsafe, fraudulent, or otherwise harmful. Current laws and policies to protect whistleblowers in Canada are weak, if not entirely ineffective.

Policy Submission November 19, 2020

CFE Presentation to Ontario Long Term Care - COVID-19 Commission

Representatives of the Centre for Free Expression Whistleblowing Initiatives meet for several hours with the Ontario Long Term Care - COVID-19 Commission to talk about both the importance of effective whistleblower protection for those involved in the long term care sector and what that protection should look like. A copy of the transcript of the meeting with the Commission and our PowerPoint presentation are available at the links below. For further information, contact the Centre at
News October 6, 2018

CFE launches investigation of Phoenix payroll debacle

The Centre for Free Expression at Ryerson University (CFE) has launched an independent investigation of the Phoenix Pay System debacle. The goal of the investigation is to determine if the devastating problems might have been prevented had there been adequate whistleblowing protection for public servants who could have safely alerted their superiors to the impending deficiencies and errors.