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David Hutton

Senior Fellow, Whistleblowing Initiatives Steering Committee
Former Executive Director
Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform

David Hutton is an advocate for whistleblower protection as a means of safeguarding the public interest and the integrity of our institutions.

David serves as a Trustee and is one of the founders of the Whisteblowing International Network (WIN), a charity that connects and supports whistleblowing NGOs around the world. He also initiated with the Canadian Standards Association the development of a guideline on the implementation of whistleblowing systems, published by CSA in 2016.

He formerly worked for almost a decade with Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform (FAIR), a charity devoted to whistleblower protection, and served as Chair of the Board and Executive Director for six years. During this time he operated a free confidential help line that was contacted by more than 400 whistleblowers. He has spoken and written extensively about whistleblowing, published in-depth analyses of Canadian whistleblowing laws and their implementation, and developed original guidance material for whistleblowers.

David is also a published author and former management consultant, recognized as an expert in management systems and organizational change. During his earlier career he served as a senior executive in industry, led a successful consulting practice serving an international clientele for 20 years, and wrote two authoritative books on quality management that have been translated, published and distributed on four continents.