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We are a platform dedicated to

Freedom of Expression and the Public's Right to Know

Genuine democracy, advancement of knowledge, individual self-development, and social justice depend on a society in which freedom of expression and the right to know are a reality for everyone. The Centre for Free Expression works to advance these rights though public education, advocacy, law reform, research, advisory services, policy analysis, assistance to courts, and organizational collaborations.

The Latest

Policy Submission April 26, 2023

CFE Presentation and Submissions to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates on Bill C-290, An Act to amend the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act.

The video of the presentation by CFE Senior Fellows David Hutton and Ian Bron, and accompanying submissions [Briefing Note on Bill C-290, a detailed Written Assessment of Bill C-290, an Evaluation of the Effects of Bill C-290’s proposed changes to the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act and CFE’s Evaluation Criteria for Protection of Whistleblowers: A guide for legislation and policy] are available by clicking the above link.
List April 12, 2023

CFE Profiles of Challenged Books

CFE Book Profiles provide background information about important books being challenged in libraries in Canada. Each profile has information about the author, the publisher’s description of the book, the number of editions and languages into which it has been translated, awards (if any) it has won, and quotes from professional reviews of the book.