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Workplace Free Expression

Workplace free expression addresses the ability of employees to engage in expressive activity at or away from the workplace, on subjects related or unrelated to the workplace, free from discipline or the threat of discipline or discharge by the employer.

Blog January 4, 2018

All Joking Aside? Taking Stock of Sexual Humour at Work

Is it ever appropriate to crack sex jokes at work?  I hope so - since I’ve been known to do it on occasion.  But a recent one-liner made by a Canadian parliamentarian has prompted me to interrogate my risque behaviour, and reflect on the line that divides harmless suggestive bantering from sleazy unwanted innuendos.  When it comes to erotic talk at the office, is one person’s discomfort another person’s delight?  If so, how to tell the difference?  And what should be the consequences when we get our signals crossed?