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Workplace Free Expression

Workplace free expression addresses the ability of employees to engage in expressive activity at or away from the workplace, on subjects related or unrelated to the workplace, free from discipline or the threat of discipline or discharge by the employer.

Blog January 29, 2024

SHHH! WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT: Preparing students to engage with difficult issues

Do you ever worry that Canadians have a niceness problem? In classes and in groups many of us are afraid to voice opinions that others might see as unpleasant, contrary, or even worse, hateful. It isn’t that we all agree with one another. Our opinions and views are as varied as they are in any other society. But many of us have been conditioned simply to be agreeable with one another. We have not learned how to disagree or that disagreement can lead to better understanding of issues. It is a skill that can and should be taught from a very early age.
Blog January 2, 2023

EDI Is Not an Excuse For Censorship

Can we fight racism without chilling expression? The answer must be a resounding yes, but how can we ensure that schools and educators understand their responsibilities to protect their students from censorship and from discrimination both at once? It isn’t easy and it can’t be done in one lesson or even in one course. However, when we avoid discussing race and racism or other forms of oppression out of fear that we are going to be using or permitting the wrong language, or that our motivations will be misunderstood, we become part of the problem.
Blog October 3, 2022

What Does My Teacher Look Like?

The headline said “Donald Trump Jr. compares his sister’s breasts against Oakville teacher’s prosthetic bust”. The image of the trans high school shop teacher, which was shared many times on social media by their students, was the viral sensation of the week. It shows a trans person wearing long blonde hair, a mask, glasses, bike shorts, and a massive prosthetic bust, nipples and all, under a tight, thin shirt.