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BPC Bulletin April 10, 2024

BPC Bulletin News Roundup: Recent Attempted Book Bans

News Reports and Commentary Selected by Franklin Carter of the Book and Periodical Council’s Freedom of Expression Committee.

In February 2024, during Canada’s annual Freedom to Read Week, Canadian journalists resumed writing about attempted book bans in public libraries and public school libraries. A few Canadian journalists continued writing about attempted bans in March. Noteworthy reportage and commentary appear below.

A few news reports from the United States follow the Canadian news stories.


In the Vancouver Sun, Dana Gee reports:
Is book banning coming to Canada? Libraries, book stores, authors watching closely (

In Midland Today, Michael Owen reports:
Area library accused of 'censorship' after axing film screening - Midland News (

Jessica Wong of CBC News reports:
Calls to ban books are on the rise in Canada. So is the opposition to any bans | CBC News

CBC News reports on video:
Teachers challenge book censorship at Canadian schools |

At Freedom to Read, Michael Nyby writes:

A Rising Tide of Censorship: Recent Challenges in Canadian Libraries - Freedom to Read


In The Globe and Mail, Marsha Lederman comments:

Exodus from literary magazine Guernica reveals the censorship the Israel-Hamas war has wrought - The Globe and Mail

At CFJC Today, Mel Rothenburger comments:
ROTHENBURGER: Wokeism reigns with banning of classics from school library shelves | CFJC Today Kamloops 

In the Calgary Herald, Sarah Meilleur comments:
Why our fight for intellectual freedom matters for all Canadians | Calgary Herald


American Libraries summarizes the American Library Association’s newest report, The State of America’s Libraries 2024:

ALA Releases State of America’s Libraries 2024 Report | American Libraries Magazine

Hillel Italie and Kimberlee Kruesi of the Associated Press report:

Librarians fear new penalties, even prison, as activists challenge books (

Allie Vugrincic of NPR News reports:
Rise in book bans is top of mind at Public Library Association conference in Columbus | WVXU

Hillel Italie of the Associated Press reports:
Censorship efforts at libraries continued to soar in 2023, according to a new report (

Thanks go to Kari Brawn who forwarded the summary in American Libraries.

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