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BPC Bulletin February 14, 2024

BPC Bulletin: Attempted Book Bans Fail in Two Manitoba School Divisions

News Reports and Commentary Selected by Franklin Carter of the Book and Periodical Council’s Freedom of Expression Committee.

In Manitoba, trustees of the Brandon School Division voted to reject a proposal to create a committee to review and ban books that focus on sexual minorities and sexual health.

Trustees of the Prairie Rose School Division also rejected a request for a ban on similar books in school libraries.

Although trustees in both school divisions made their decisions in mid-2023, the controversy over book-banning continues to influence politics in southern Manitoba.


Brandon, Manitoba

In The Brandon Sun, Colin Slark reports:

Candidates speak against book bans at BSD forum – Brandon Sun

In PressProgress, Emily Leedham reports:

Manitoba PC Leader Heather Stefanson’s ‘Willful Engagement’ with Anti-2SLGBTQ+ Movement Concerning, Advocates Say (

In the Winnipeg Sun, Dave Baxter reports:

VOCAL MINORITY?: Brandon school trustee wants committee to screen books | Winnipeg Sun

In The Free Press, Colin Slark reports:

Brandon trustees reprimanded in relation to book ban uproar – Winnipeg Free Press

Chelsea Kemp of CBC News reports:

Brandon school board reprimands members for conduct, bylaw breaches following library book debate | CBC News

The journalists at CityNews Winnipeg report:

Brandon school board votes against 2SLGBTQ+ book ban | CityNews Winnipeg

Alex Karpa of CityNews Winnipeg reports:

Brandon opposes school book ban: 2SLGBTQ+ advocates react | CityNews Winnipeg

In the Winnipeg Sun, Dave Baxter reports:

Brandon school board shoots down book review committee proposal | Winnipeg Sun

In The Brandon Sun, Kyle Darbyson reports:

School board rejects book review committee – Brandon Sun

Cameron MacLean of CBC News reports:

Cheers as Brandon School Division rejects call to remove library books on sexuality, gender identity | CBC News

CBC News reports:

Brandon School Division trustees to hear from dozens of delegates regarding call for LGBTQ book ban | CBC News

Cody Carter of CTV News Winnipeg reports:

Brandon School Division rejects book ban | CTV News

Ian Froese of CBC News reports:

Stefanson doesn't like book bans, but won't interfere as Manitoba school division considers one | CBC News

Winkler, Manitoba

CBC News reports:

Business owners push to defund southern Manitoba libraries over book content accused of being 'pornographic' | CBC News

In the Winnipeg Sun, Dave Baxter reports:

Winkler places councillor on library board to ‘exert influence’ | Winnipeg Sun

In the Niverville Citizen, Brenda Sawatzky reports:

Winkler Council Responds to Outcry for Library Defunding | Niverville Citizen

Pam Fedack of Pembina Valley Online reports:

Winkler City Council passes resolution regarding policy request to SCRL Board - - Local news, Weather, Sports, Free Classifieds and Business Listings for the Pembina Valley, Manitoba

In the Winnipeg Sun, Dave Baxter reports:

Prairie Rose School Division rejects request for book ban | Winnipeg Sun

In the Winnipeg Sun, Dave Baxter reports:

Winkler resident says town's library distributes ‘child porn’ | Winnipeg Sun


In Brandon University’s University Affairs, Hannah Liddle writes:

Brandon U takes a bold stand against book bans — University Affairs

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