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News May 9, 2023

Ross Alderson awarded 2023 Peter Bryce Prize

Ross Alderson, former director of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation's anti-money laundering office, was awarded 2023 Peter Bryce Prize.  Awarded annually by the Centre for Free Expression at Toronto Metropolitan University, the Peter Bryce Prize honours individuals who serve the greater good by courageously speaking up about wrongdoing and abuses of public trust.
News March 22, 2023

New Report Compares and Rates the World’s Anti-SLAPP Laws

A new report, Global Anti-SLAPP Ratings: Assessing the strength of anti-SLAPP laws, compares and ranks the strength of anti-SLAPP laws in the world’s 37 jurisdictions that offer legal protection against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) – legal actions launched to shut down discussion and critical commentary on issues of public interest.
News February 24, 2023

David Hutton warns parliamentary committee of dangers of weak protection for whistleblowers

CFE Senior Fellow David Hutton testified before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates (OGGO) on February 13 in connection with its study of Federal Government contracts awarded to McKinsey and Company. The trigger for the study was the massive, exponential increase over the past few years in the dollar amount of government contracts awarded to McKinsey, the largest management consulting firm in the world in terms both of number of employees and revenue.
News February 6, 2023

Ted Palys Appointed Senior Fellow at Centre for Free Expression

Ted Palys has been appointed a senior fellow at the Centre for Free Expression (CFE) at Toronto Metropolitan University. Palys is one of Canada’s leading authorities on research confidentiality. “Ted Palys’ work over two decades has highlighted the need to ensure the ethical conduct of human research becomes reality,” said James L. Turk, Director of the CFE. “We are delighted that he will be joining the CFE in a formal role as we move forward to get statutory protection for research confidentiality.”