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Access to information is the right of the public to obtain information held by public bodies as well as an obligation for governments to ensure records are created, maintained, and made readily available. Access to information is essential for informed public discourse on which democracy depends. It not only facilitates developing effective solutions to societal problems but also empowers communities that have historically been marginalized and silenced.

Page October 15, 2018

Brison's Ingenious Selling of Bill C-58 to the Senate

By Ken Rubin October 15, 2018 - Treasury Board President Scott Brison was hard at it on October 3 selling Bill C-58 as a great transparency advance, which it is not.  Kicking off Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee deliberations on Bill C-58, Brison boasted that Canada is rated number 1 by fellow governments for its open data portal. But that's despite Canada's Access to Information Act being moved down to 55th  on the Global Right to Information index scale that compares over 120 country's FOI legislation.
Page July 23, 2018

The Transparency Rot Runs Deep

By Ken Rubin July 23, 2018 - Canada's broken access to information system has increasingly become entrenched, complete with backlog specialists and a new Information Commissioner facing her office's own backlog. Parliament did not pass Bill C-58, the government's regressive anti-transparency bill before the summer recess which would give bureaucrats added powers to deny and delay public access and would limit the commissioner's order powers.
News July 18, 2018

Call for nominations – Code of Silence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Government Secrecy

The Canadian Association of Journalists, the Centre for Free Expression, News Media Canada and the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression are inviting nominations for the Code of Silence Award for outstanding achievement in government secrecy. The award will be given annually in each of four categories -- federal, provincial, municipal and police services – starting this fall.