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BPC Bulletin September 30, 2023

BPC Bulletin: Montreal Nazi Convicted of Spreading Hatred Against Jews

News Reports and Commentary Selected by Franklin Carter of the Book and Periodical Council’s Freedom of Expression Committee.

In Montreal, a judge recently sentenced a Nazi to 15 months in prison for repeatedly promoting hatred against Jews.

Sitting in Quebec court, Justice Manlio Del Negro sentenced Gabriel Sohier Chaput to 15 months in prison and an additional three-year probation.

Although Sohier Chaput was charged only for promoting hatred in a single article in 2017 in the Daily Stormer, he wrote more than 800 pieces for the Nazi website.


In The Canadian Jewish News, Janice Arnold reports:

Jew-hater Gabriel Chaput’s 15-month Quebec prison sentence is one year more than lawyers asked for (

Erika Morris of CBC News reports:
Montreal neo-Nazi sentenced to 15 months in jail for inciting hatred | CBC News

In the Montreal Gazette and Toronto Sun, Paul Cherry reports:

Montrealer sentenced to 15-month prison term for spreading hate against Jews | Toronto Sun

Morgan Lowrie of the Canadian Press reports:

Jewish groups celebrate as Quebec man sentenced to 15 months for fomenting hatred |

Erika Morris of CBC News reports:

3-month sentence recommended for Montreal neo-Nazi in hate speech case | CBC News

Jacob Serebrin of the Canadian Press reports:

3-month sentence for Montreal neo-Nazi could trivialize promotion of hate, says judge | CTV News

CBC News reports:

Montreal neo-Nazi found guilty of promoting hatred seeks appeal | CBC News

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