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BPC Bulletin September 17, 2023

BPC Bulletin: An Act Respecting French, the Official and Common Language of Quebec

News Reports and Commentary Selected by Franklin Carter of the Book and Periodical Council’s Freedom of Expression Committee.

In 2022, the Government of Quebec passed An Act Respecting French, the Official and Common Language of Quebec (formerly Bill 96). The legislators who enacted this law sought to better protect French in the province.

The new law affects several old laws, including the Charter of the French Language. The new law affects education, health care, the courts, workplaces and newcomers to Quebec.

Quebec’s legislators also intended the law to limit the use of English in certain settings. The law soon prompted protests and court challenges from English-speaking Quebeckers and others.

Bill 96 became law on June 1, 2022, but some aspects of the law came into effect this year, on June 1, 2023.

What has changed? What should people expect?


Jacob Serebrin of the Canadian Press reports: 

Bill 96: Here’s what to expect when trying to access English services in Quebec |

Joe Lofaro of CTV News reports:

5 changes in Quebec's Bill 96 that come into effect June 1 (

Laura Marchand of CBC News reports (in 2022):

What's in Quebec's new law to protect the French language | CBC News


In Reason, Fiona Harrigan writes:

Quebec's Language Restrictions Limit Freedom of Expression (

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