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News September 4, 2018

Free expression groups oppose Ontario Government plan for universities and colleges

The Center for Free Expression and the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression deplore the Ontario Government’s attempt to influence, through intimidation and the withholding of funds, the internal autonomous decision-making processes of Ontario universities and colleges in matters of free expression. 

Universities, along with the media and our independent courts, are the main protectors of freedom of expression in our society -- making this government action is unwarranted. It also threatens the autonomy of universities that is so vital for their ability to fulfill their public responsibilities to educate students and advance knowledge.   

To protect freedom of expression universities and colleges must be free to listen to and comment on whatever ideas they determine to be advisable, unencumbered by pressure and threats from the government. 

The decision about the best way to advance freedom of expression and the most effective internal free-speech policies is properly left to the universities and colleges, free of government interference.