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News October 6, 2018

CFE launches investigation of Phoenix payroll debacle

The Centre for Free Expression at Ryerson University (CFE) has launched an independent investigation of the Phoenix Pay System debacle. The goal of the investigation is to determine if the devastating problems might have been prevented had there been adequate whistleblowing protection for public servants who could have safely alerted their superiors to the impending deficiencies and errors.

We know that some of those involved in the project either tried to raise their concerns to senior management but were silenced or considered doing so but were deterred by fear of the very likely and serious adverse consequences. We are inviting such people to approach us now to tell us about their experience.

We have designed our inquiry to make it as safe as possible for people to communicate with us confidentially. We are providing state of the art secure options for all who want to contact us. We are also committed to protecting our sources to the full extent of the law in the face of any attempt to force us to reveal their identities.

We also want the everyone to know that if they have information they think feel may be relevant, they can do so securely. 

Our secure contact web page provides detailed instructions on how to contact us safely.