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News April 6, 2020

CFE joins international call for whistleblower protection during COVID-19 crisis

Major whistleblowing organizations from around world, including the Centre for Free Expression, issued a joint letter  today calling on governments and institutions to protect those who report or expose the harms, abuses and serious wrongdoing that arise during this period of crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter notes that when decisions are taken in emergency situations, with imperfect democratic scrutiny at best, whistleblowers can play a vital early warning role, especially in an international health crisis when the public’s right to know can have life-or-death implications.

Those putting their own health at risk to provide the variety of essential services on which we all rely have both a right to safe working conditions and to speak up about threats they see to public health and safety, corruption, and other abuses.

Read the joint letter here.