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Access to information is the right of the public to obtain information held by public bodies as well as an obligation for governments to ensure records are created, maintained, and made readily available. Access to information is essential for informed public discourse on which democracy depends. It not only facilitates developing effective solutions to societal problems but also empowers communities that have historically been marginalized and silenced.

News April 9, 2021

Open Letter Calls on Prime Minister to Fulfill Commitments to Transparency

In an open letter today, 13 major organizations from across Canada call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fulfill the commitments to transparency that he has been declaring repeatedly since 2014. The letter points out that “the COVID-19 pandemic has repeatedly exposed the fracture lines of your government, not least of which has been an accelerating loss of transparency.” 
News February 23, 2021

City of North Bay named recipient of municipal 2020 Code of Silence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Government Secrecy

The City of North Bay, Ont., has been named as the recipient of the 2020 Code of Silence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Government Secrecy in the municipal category.  The city is being recognized because of repeated efforts to circumvent basic transparency and accountability measures expected of democratic governments. Among the laundry list of concerns brought to the attention of the Code of Silence jury were:  
Page February 17, 2021

Artificial intelligence another avenue for government to thwart transparency

By Ken Rubin Treasury Board rules note that departments should categorize just how risky their planned uses of AI are. Those algorithm impact assessments could help the public understand the risks and uses of AI. Under the current broad exemptions of the Access to Information and Privacy Acts, the details of departmental AI use could be denied as being proprietary or matters of national security, law enforcement and government economic interest.