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Freedom of Expression and the Public's Right to Know

Genuine democracy, advancement of knowledge, individual self-development, and social justice depend on a society in which freedom of expression and the right to know are a reality for everyone. The Centre for Free Expression works to advance these rights though public education, advocacy, law reform, research, advisory services, policy analysis, assistance to courts, and organizational collaborations.

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Page June 1, 2022

Online Harms Network Member Organizations

The Online Harms Network is a group of national, international, and regional organizations brought together by CFE to work together to help develop and advocate policies that deal effectively with online harms while respecting civil liberties and human rights.
BPC Bulletin May 27, 2022

BPC Bulletin: Federal Liberals Seek to Curb Anti-Semitic Expression

In Ottawa, the federal Liberal government is acting to curb anti-Semitic expression by amending the Criminal Code. The government wants to ban the “communication of statements, other than in private conversation, that wilfully promote anti-Semitism by condoning, denying or downplaying the Holocaust.” The government plans to amend Section 319 of the Criminal Code, which prohibits the incitement of hatred “against an identifiable group.”