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Louis-Philippe Lampron

Senior Fellow
Faculty of Law, Université Laval

Louis-Philippe Lampron is a full professor in the Faculty of Law at l’Université Laval, in Quebec City, a regular researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Diversity and Democracy (CRIDAQ) at , and co-spokesperson of the Research Group on Human Rights of the Faculty of Law of Université Laval (GEDEL). His research interests focus, in general, on the protection of human rights in Canada and in international law. In recent years, Professor Lampron has been particularly interested in several legal issues related to the implementation of fundamental freedoms and of equality rights, on which he frequently has to speak publicly and has published several articles as well as the books Maudites Chartes : 10 ans d'assauts contre la démocratie des droits et libertés, Somme Toute (2022) and La Hiérarchie des droits - convictions religieuses et droits fondamentaux au Canada, Peter-Lang (2011).