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Page March 27, 2023

How to contact CFE securely

To contact the Centre for Free Expression in a secure and confidential manner, we recommend you use either the Signal messenger app or Protonmail.

We cannot accept documents sent by mail because we are working remotely. You can scan documents and send us the scanned files by Signal or ProtonMail.

If you do not require this level of security, our regular contact information is here.


You can set up a free ProtonMail account and use it to send us encrypted email at  ProtonMail is a free, end-to-end encrypted email service developed by MIT and CERN scientists with servers in Switzerland, which has strong privacy laws. You can find instructions for installing Protonmail at this link, including how to set up your account anonymously if you wish.


Install the free Signal app on your smart phone, tablet or computer (never on a work device). Then use the app to contact us by text message. You can find instructions for installing Signal here. In your very first message, please state that you are trying to contact CFE, so that we can distinguish your message from spam. Our Signal number is: 647-478-6726


(1) Do not try to call this number from your regular phone: your call will not be answered.

(2) Signal requires you to store the CFE Signal number in your phone’s address book. To conceal CFE’s name, consider entering the number under a false name. Never sync your phone with a work computer.

(3) Signal shows us (but no-one else) your Signal number. If you want to remain completely anonymous (to hide your identity even from us) you can install Signal on a “burner” phone with pre-paid service that you purchase anonymously using cash.

Resources for protecting your privacy

If you want more in-depth information on secure communications, the Electronic Frontier Foundation provides comprehensive, authoritative advice here about how you can and should protect your privacy.

March 27, 2023
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