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Page June 30, 2022

Centre for Free Expression helpline for whistleblowers

The Centre for Free Expression offers a free confidential helpline for whistleblowers and potential whistleblowers – those raising concerns about harm to the public interest, or considering doing so.

Our help includes reliable information about options available to whistleblowers in Canada; expert review of your situation to determine possible courses of action; referral to other sources of assistance including lawyers, the media, support groups etc.

How to contact us

All communications through our regular email (  and phone number (437-995-7396) are strictly confidential, but some people will require more secure contact methods. If this is you, please go to our secure contact page for full instructions on how to do so.

When not to contact us

Our service is for individuals seeking to protect the public interest, not for those solely seeking to protect their own rights or welfare, however justified this might be.

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